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World's first professional dual portfolio

High Drain Devices

Low Drain Devices

High drain devices

Procell Alkaline Intense Power industrial batteries are specifically engineered to last longer (vs prior Procell Alkaline AA batteries) in high drain professional devices that require a high amount of current to deliver precise pulses, such as electronic door locks, soap dispensers or security cameras. They are available in AA, AAA, 9V, C and D sizes.

Soap Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Electronic Door Lock

Low drain devices

Procell Alkaline Constant Power industrial batteries are expertly engineered for long lasting performance in low-drain professional devices that require a power output profile built to reliably handle the rigours of consistent use over a long period of time, whilst also providing long lasting performance. Examples of these would be: smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, remote controls, or wireless mice. They are available in AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and 4.5V sizes.

Flushometer Smoke Detector Laser Level Glucometer

Our innovationexplained

Procell intense power

Optimized active materials to improve efficiency

Unique paper designed to reduce internal resistance and resist shorting

High performing cathode to deliver more power

Optimized for high rate performance

High conductivity to reduce internal resistance

Procell constant power

High density anode with Increased active materials to improve capacity

Thin paper design to enable more active materials and improve preformance

High energy density material to deliver more capacity

Optimized for low rate performance

Increased conductivity to improve cell stability

High drain

  • Up to 30% better longevity (vs prior Procell Alkaline batteries)
  • Best for hand sanitisers, electronic door locks and blood pressure gauge
  • Guaranteed 10 years in storage (5 years for 9v)

Low drain

  • Longer lasting power (vs prior Procell Alkaline AA batteries)
  • Best for smoke detectors, thermometers and glucometers
  • Guaranteed 10 years in storage (5 years for 9v)