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Procell Alkaline Constant Batteries

Estimate your battery related savings by switching to Procell*

Expertly engineered for long lasting performance in low-drain professional devices

When you buy Procell Constant alkaline batteries at scale, you’re looking for a power output profile built to reliably handle the rigors of consistent use over a long period of time while also providing long lasting performance.

Procell Constant Alkaline Batteries deliver on that promise, with features such as:

  • Save your business money up to 20% by switching to Procell dual portfolio – Procell Constant for low drain devices and Procell Intense for high drain devices (Estimated savings versus relevant competition).
  • ‘Quality warranty’ on each battery
  • Designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best in professional devices
  • Stringent quality standards based on ANSI and IEC recommendations
  • Bulk packaging with individual date-coding for effective inventory management
  • Operating temperatures from -4°F to 129.2°F

Browse our Procell Alkaline Constant product line in standard battery size AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V – recommended for devices such as smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, security keypads, remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, motion sensors and flushometers.

Explore below for further product features, recommendations, and specifications – or to find a local wholesale distributor of premium Procell brand batteries.

Procell Alkaline Intense

Expertly engineered for long lasting performance in high-drain professional devices

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We can help you find the battery solutions you need. You can also buy larger volume purchases (over 100 packs) directly from us.

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You can buy small volumes of batteries (up to 100 packs) from Amazon or a local supplier. Order today or find your nearest Procell stockist.

*This is an estimated cost calculation based on specific makes and models of devices versus relevant competition. The results will vary based on specific devices, usage habits, current batteries used, size of facilities, conditions and commercial maintenance schedules of devices including wages.