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Procell Alkaline 
Intense Power AA, 1.5V

PC1500 Intense

Procell Alkaline Intense Power batteries are high rate batteries specifically designed to last longer in high drain professional devices, which require a high amount of power or peaks of power.

Available sizes

AA, C, D



Pack sizes

12    24

Professional high drain devices


Electronic door lock



Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor



2-Way Radio

2-way radio

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser

Product features

– Up to 30% better performance and longevity (vs. Procell Alkaline batteries when used in high drain devices), resulting in fewer batteries replacement and therefore significant cost saving on operating costs.

– Manufactured using the latest technology to ensure high-quality cell construction. Every battery is tested twice, receive an environmental conditions test, and come with a ‘quality guarantee’. Design, safety, manufacture, and qualification follow ANSI and IEC standards.

– Economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management.

– Trusted by manufacturers around the world: Procell batteries have been designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best in professional devices.

– Reliable performance even after 10 year in storage.

– Operating in temperatures from -20°C to 54°C.

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