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Procell, by the Duracell Company

Save money and reduce your environmental impact with Procell.

This is an estimated cost calculation based on specific makes and models of devices versus relevant competition. The results will vary based on specific devices, usage habits, current batteries used, size of facilities, conditions and commercial maintenance schedules of devices including wages.

Environmental savings

Battery Finder

Find the best Procell batteries for the devices you want to power

Dual portfolio devices

The world's first dual portfolio of professional batteries.

Popular batteries

Procell Alkaline Intense AA, 1.5V


Procell Alkaline Constant AAA, 1.5V


Procell Lithium Coin Intense 2032, 3V

Procell Lithium Coin Intense 2032, 3V


Batteries for every industry




Safety & Security

The Procell Difference

Our Technology
We deeply understand your needs through device testing and lab analysis.
Our Focus
We’re customer-centric and are committed to delivering excellence.
OEM Services
We’re experts and offer consultancy to original equipment manufacturers.

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We can help you find the battery solutions for your business needs.