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Procell Alkaline Constant AAA, 1.5V

Procell Alkaline Constant AAA industrial batteries are ideal for powering low drain professional devices which require constant current over a long period of time, such as security keypads, remote controls and glucometers.

Also available in AA, C, D, and 9V sizes.

Other sizes



Available pack sizes


Recommended for general purpose professional devices

Pulse Oximeter



Automatic Faucet

Automatic Faucet

Alarm Panel

Alarm Panel

Remote Security Camera

Remote Security Camera

2-Way Radio

2-way Radio

Product features

Delivers Longer lasting power (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AAA batteries) in Low drain professional devices, that may result in fewer battery replacements and may therefore lead to savings on operating costs that are associated with battery replacement

Guaranteed 10 years in Storage

Manufactured using superior cell design (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AAA batteries) to ensure high-quality cell construction. Each battery comes with a ‘quality warranty’. Design, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Procell’s stringent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards.

Economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management.

Used by manufacturers around the world: Procell Alkaline batteries have been designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best in professional devices
Operating temperatures from -20°C. to 54°C

Product Technical Data Sheet

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