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Procell High Power Lithium Batteries

Designed to deliver reliable and safe power for professional devices

When you buy high power lithium batteries at scale, you’re looking for industrial batteries that can handle high rate discharge for a variety of applications, under intermittent or continuous drain.

Procell High Power Lithium Batteries deliver on that promise, with features such as:

  • High energy density (3V)
  • Flat and low self-discharge
  • Stringent quality standards based on ANSI and IEC recommendations
  • Economical bulk packaging
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures from -4°F to 140°F found in industrial settings

Browse our specialty professional High Powered Lithium Batteries product line in standard battery size 123 and CR2 – recommended for devices such as electronic door locks, motion sensors, and more.

Explore below for further product features, recommendations, and specifications – or to find a local wholesale distributor of premium Procell brand batteries.

Procell Alkaline Constant Batteries

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