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The plug and play, easy-to-use solution that makes monitoring battery powered devices across multiple facilities simple.

Struggling to maintain 100s of battery powered devices across multiple sites?

Managing hundreds of battery powered devices is a challenge. Servicing devices too frequently drives up costs and creates unnecessary waste, but infrequent service can cause consumer dissatisfaction.

PROCELL® InSite simplifies maintenance and unites the fragmented ecosystem of solutions into one platform.


Monitor Devices

Connect your fragmented devices into one single platform.


Gain Insights

Dive deep into your devices and better manage your maintenance workforce.


Look Forward

Data to power your projections and help more accurately plan for the future.

PROCELL® InSite video

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Plug and play solution

PROCELL® InSite easily connects to existing traditional and smart devices, so you don’t have to budget for costly device upgrades.

Oversee Multiple Devices in Multiple Regions

Streamline device monitoring with one solution connecting multiple devices across multiple facilities.

Smartphone dashboard

In-Depth Device Data

Use live data to reduce unneeded device maintenance while helping your facility managers and workforce
better budget their valuable time.

Accurate Consumption Forecasts

More efficiently manage your inventory and supply costs with detailed device usage and consumption data.

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Discover PROCELL® Insite

Download our one-page guide to learn more about the powerful features and valuable benefits PROCELL® InSite provides.

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